Purchase JXWorkBench

Step 1: Choose a Licence:

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$9.95 Personal Licence

The Personal Licence covers a single user, and is licenced to the paypal email address used to make payment.

(Note that the email address is not used for mail other than for licence delivery, and is simply a unique username for JXWorkBench.)

It can be used by that individual user on an unlimited number of devices and JXWorkBench instances.

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$495 Enterprise Licence

The Enterprise Licence is intended as a blanket licence for an organisation. It licences all users in an email domain (e.g. {anyuser}@mycompany.com ) - you specify the email domain at time of purchase.

The email address is simply an indentifier and is not used for email, so it's acceptable to pass around a single synthetic 'jxworkbench@mycompany.com' user name to your users if you prefer.


Step 2: Software Download

JXWorkBench is an exterprise bundle of the JXplorer LDAP client, extension code, and the Jasper reporting engine. The package is ~45Mb in total.

JXWorkBench Enterprise Bundle

Windows jxworkbench-
Linux jxworkbench-
Solaris Sparc jxworkbench-
Solaris Intel jxworkbench-
HPUX jxworkbench-
BSD jxworkbench-
AIX jxworkbench-
OSX 10.6 / 10.7 jxworkbench-
Raw Java Files jxworkbench-

Sample Reports

Sample Jasper Reports jxworkbench-

Once downloaded, you can simply enter your purchased licence key to start using JXWorkBench features.

Licence Terms

JXWorkBench is available in two forms; a simple $9.95 personal licence, or an enterprise licence covering all staff at $485. They both have the same software functionality, the Enterprise licence simply covers all the users in an organisation, while the personal licence is tied to an individual.

After purchase you will be mailed a licence key; this only needs to be entered once for a given JXWorkBench installation.

The actual Licence terms can be summarised as:

  • Commercial use allowed
  • Purchaser (individual or company) can make unlimited copies, backups etc. for their own use
  • Source-code cannot be decompiled, resold, extended or distributed
  • Licence is keyed to a specific email address (for individuals) or email domain (for companies and organisations).


Commercial support is available for this product; please contact sales@jxworkbench.com

Problems and Special Cases

The licencing system is intended to be a simple, low overhead method that minimises problems. If you have any concerns or something about the licencing system doesn't suit you or your organisation, feel free to contact us at: sales@jxworkbench.com