JXWorkBench Support and FAQ

Is paid support available?

Yes, paid support is available, but only for Enterprise Licence customers. However often general questions about JXplorer (the open source parent product) are available on the jxplorer mailing list or stackexchange. If you want formal technical support however, we are happy to oblige - please contact sales@jxworkbench.com

Is JXplorer still open source?

Absolutely; JXplorer is still, and will remain, completely open source. In fact, income from JXWorkBench will allow us to continue development of JXplorer and continue to add new functionality. JXWorkBench is intended to be an extension to JXplorer, covering features that are not part of 'traditional LDAP', but are useful to professional directory administrators.

Can I suggest features for JXWorkBench?

We're happy to take suggestions for features, or indeed you can hire us to do custom extensions. Features that are implementations or improvements of base LDAP standards will be handled as part of the base JXplorer code however. Custom data formats, fancy printing, XML feeds and so on are quite possible as JXWorkBench extensions.

I have a problem with JXplorer

Check out the jxplorer.org web site for general support for JXplorer, including online help and links to the JXplorer mailing list (jxplorer-users@lists.sourceforge.net)

I have a problem with JXWorkBench

Check this FAQ, and then mail support@jxworkbench.com from the email address you used to register. Remember to include as much detail as possible about the problem, including operating system and java version.